Think Tank: Animal #1 to hit in March

Think Tank: Animal #1 hits March 1st by me and Rahsan Ekedal! If you’ve never tried Think Tank before you can read for FREE here the first four issues of VOL 1:
Issue 1:
Issue 2:
Issue 3:
Issue 4:
Here’s the solicit info for March:
MARCH 1 / 32 PAGES / FC / T+ / $3.99
Several key NATO figures are assassinated…by animals? Someone has perverted Dr. David Loren’s surface thought-reader and turned it into a device sending animals on kill missions. Still recovering from his recent suicide attempt, Dr. David Loren is forced back into the military game to help uncover who is behind this. His fragile relationship with Mirra Sway is tested even further as his father shows up…with a sister he didn’t know he had.
People always ask me what I recommend of mine to read, well this is the one! I love doing this book =)

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